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This fantastic, magestic beast is the ultimate machine. With precision control, and astounding agility, it can play games like no other. Multiple completed autonomous modes so it can lead the game from the start, we work with our teammates to optimize our autonomus point gain.


  1. 2 Stone Autonomous
  2. Veritile Intake
  3. Great match for robots who can stack!
  4. Revolutionary Capstone Design
  5. Easily Interchangible Battery
  6. Minimalist Drivetrain
  7. Encoded Motors
  8. Parks Under Bridge
  9. Works well with foundation-moving teammates
  10. Fast drive speed, with a 40:1 AWD
  11. Can Move Foundation

Autonomous Actions:

  1. Can detect skystone position
  2. Can move both skystones
  3. Can park under bridge
  4. Can move foundation
  5. Can avoid properly parked robots
  6. Can place stones on foundation
  7. Starts on side with stones
  8. Accurate skystone moving on all randomizations
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